Point Pleasant Lodge Scholarship Programs

2018 Elks Lodge Scholarships Our Lodge is proud to announce the awarding of 14 $500 Grants to our graduating local seniors to assist them financially with their next level of education. On Thursday, May 31st, the Lodge presented awards at the Point Pleasant Borough High School. The recipients are:

The Jan Picarell Memorial: Halle Ferm, attending Farleigh Dickinson University/Speech Pathology

Recipients of the Pleasant Elks Achievement Award:

Allison Cooper, attending Rutgers University/Nutrition

Kimberlee Sibilia, attending Rutgers University/Pre-Med

Matthew Moran, attending Northeastern University/Computer Science

Benjamin Gilmore, attending Stevens Institute of Technology/Computer Science

Recipients of the Perseverance Awards:

Payson Coyle, attending Ocean County College/Undecided

Peniel Koto, attending Ocean County College/Undecided

On Monday, June 11, the Lodge presented awards at the Point Pleasant Beach High School. The recipients are:

The Jan Picarell Memorial: Christopher Russo, attending TCNJ/Applied Mathematics

Recipients of the Pleasant Elks Achievement Award:

James Dyson, attending UC – Santa Barbara/Undecided

Kaitlyn Canneto, attending College of New Jersey/Music/Sciences

Emily McConnell, attending University of Pittsburgh/Microbiology

Aidan Picadio (CBA)*, attending Pepperdine University/Liberal Arts

Recipients of the Perseverance Awards:

Catherine Skelly, attending Ocean County College/Undecided

Caitlin Kazaks, attending Ocean County College/Business

Recipients of NJ State Most Valuable Student Awards ($700):

Sabrina Costa*, attending UCLA/Biology

Peyton Grant*, Attending the University of Michigan/Biology

Our Lodge also sponsored several students who attained District & State level recognition for the Elks National Foundation's Most Valuable Student Award. These students have a * besides their name in the above lists. The Elks National Foundation has given over $4.6 million in scholarships annually in support of higher education with programs such as the Most Valuable Student which is open to all graduating high school seniors.

2018 Most Valuable Student
The 2018 Elks National Foundation's Most Valuable Student scholarship program completed Lodge level application assessment at the begining of this year.  Of the 8 applicants, 4 students representing the Point Pleasant Elks Lodge who are moving up to District/State judging which will be completed by February 21, 2017.  Final winners at the national level are to be announced in late April 2017.  Here are this year's Lodge winners:

Boys Name & School Girls Name & School
Aidan Picadio* Christian Brothers Academy Peyton Grant** Point Pleasant Beach High School
Morgan Mulvey Point Pleasant Borough High School
Sabrina Costa** Point Pleasant Beach High School
* indicates applicant forwarded from Southeast District for State evaluation.
** indicates NJ Elks State MVS Awardee - $700 Scholarship

2019 ENF Scholarship Programs The Elks National Foundation (ENF) 2018-2019 Scholarship Year begins on-line August 15, 2018. All graduating 2019 High School Seniors may apply for the Most Valuable Student (MVS) Scholarship and if you are an Elk child or grandchild, you may also apply for the Legacy Scholarship at Elks.org. Point Boro and Point Beach Seniors may ask their Guidance Counselors for assistance. They are quite knowledgable about these scholarships and the application requirements. Scholarship grants range: $4,000-$50,000 over 4 years.  Here is the MVS url: enf.elks.org/mvs.

The Legacy Scholarship application is available on line beginning September 1, 2018 at this url: enf.elks.org/leg and is due February 1, 2019 @ 11:59 a.m..

Emergency Educational Grants Since 1944, the ENF has been helping the children of deceased or totally disalbled Elks go to college through the Emergency Educational Grant program.  Children of deceased or totally disabled Elks members are eligible to apply.  The Elk member must have been a member of good standing for at least one year at the time of death or disability.  The applicant must be unmarried, under the age of 23 and attending an accredited U.S. institution of higher education as a full time student.  Applications are available starting May 1 and must be submitted to the ENF by October 31.  For more information go to: enf.elks.org/eeg.

NJ Elks Scholarships Here is a link to the NJ Elks Scholarship Opportunities page which describes the various programs being sponsored by the NJ Elks.

If you are a resident of Point Pleasant, Point Pleasant Beach, Bay Head, and Lavallette and are enrolled at CBA, St. Rose, Red Bank Catholic, MATES or another high school, please join us and apply. The Point Pleasant Elks is ready to sponsor you in your quest for college financial assistance.

For more information on local and national Elks Scholarship programs contact Terry La Du, Elks Scholarship Committe Chair, (732) 899-4635 or tladu@pointpleasantelks.org.

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