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New Membership Incentives
Month of September & October Only
$50 Membership Application Fee Now $1 + Dues
$35 Membership Reinstatement Fee Now $1 + Dues

Free Membership Dues
Sponsor 3 new members or reinstatements
between now & March 1, 2019 and you'll
receive free 2019/2020 membership renewal.

Contact Sharon Haugh for More Info. @ 732-966-4433

My Membership Card
I hold in my hand a little scrap of paper
two by three inches in size. It is of no intrinsic worth, .....  
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2018 ENF Most Valuable Student Winners
Results of Lodge Judging
Promoted to District Level Judging

Aidan Picadio* – Christian Brothers Academy

Peyton Grant** – Point Pleasant Beach High School
Morgan Mulvey – Point Pleasant Borough High School
Sabrina Costa** – Point Pleasant Beach High School

* indicates applicants being evaluated at the State level.
** indicates NJ Elks State MVS Awardee - $700 Scholarship.

More Scholarship News

Fall Scholarship Super 50/50

Only 100 Tickets To Be Sold @ $20 Each
Available in the Grille Room
Winner Receives 50% of Total Tickets Sold
Drawing Friday, December 14, 2018 at 8:00 p.m.

Make Your On-Line Donations to Lodge Charities Now!!!!
Special Needs Children's Committee National Veterans Service Committee


Our Vets Group is busy as always, click here to get the latest.

Don't forget the Vets Memorial Park Engraved Paver Sale.  

Your inscription can be in memory of a beloved Veteran, Elk,
Family Member, a short thought, etc.

Download the details and order form today!

NVSC Coin on sale soon!!! Check it out.

Candidates for Membership

Proposed for Membership Occupation Sponsor
Jude Walker Public Works Supervisor John Gartz
David Wurfel Retired Sharon Haugh 

New Member Candidates Recruited during Elks Fest

F.Name Last Name Occupation Proposer
Toni Scanlon Food Service Assoc. John Scanlon
Joseph Zavattieri Marketing Sales "REINSTATEMENT"
Mary Jane Bavais Asst. Director Antoinette DePaola
Kiel Amore Landscaper Celestine Chapontat
Lino De Almeida, Jr. Contractor/Ret. Craig Veprek
Craig Bowers Retired Craig Veprek
Dona Colby Sales** Craig Veprek
Matthew Boyle Drafting Tech 1 Craig Veprek
Jena Barone Sales Craig Veprek
Ernest Geiger Jr. Respiration Therapist/Prod Spec Craig Veprek
John Bowers Business Craig Veprek
Mary Casey-Griffin Retired Craig Veprek
Nikolaus Savacool Electrician Craig Veprek
Carol Bowers Retired Craig Veprek
Ray Janeczek Manager Donna Rotunno
Patrick Hernon Restaurant Manager Gary Laudisi
Linda Lagos Nurse Gary Laudisi
Edwin Alsberg Retired Jack Secor
Dom Callandriello Technology Consultant Jack Secor
Steven Huber Manager/Energy Supply Jack Secor
Jennifer Mullins School Counselor Jack Secor
Maryjane Reilly Retired Jack Secor
Ryan Crossan Transportation Allocation Jack Secor
Frank B. Tarantino Retired Jack Secor
Alexander Marin Banker Joan Schmidt
Agnes Roselli Art Teacher Joan Schmidt
Jason Burke Project Manager Joan Schmidt
John W. Horton Naval Weapons Station/DOD Joan Schmidt
Georgia Cassidy Oncology RN John Scanlon
Joseph Stachowski Warehouse Supervisor John Veprek
Lorraine Shirley Rible Homemaker John Veprek
Daniel Adamo HYTORC Rental Manager John Veprek
Daniel Vizzacchero Operating Engineer John Veprek
Mary Rugar Nurse Practitioner/Ret. John Veprek
Patricia Krasowski Comm Real Estate - Asset Mgmt. John Veprek
Robert Krasowski Construction Mgmt. John Veprek
John Gibson Retired John Veprek
Don Rodgers Business Developer John Veprek
Louis J. Kelly Retired** John Veprek
Todd Meyer Business Driver John Veprek
Keith Mizer Bartender John Veprek
Paul Butler Retired John Veprek
Theresa Catalano Retired John Veprek
Joseph Tardiff Financial Advisor John Veprek
Mark Whitney Boat Captain/Ret. Karen Laudisi
Kristen Haycook Teacher Karen Laudisi
William B. Morris Attorney Sharon Haugh
Andrew Morgenroth Property Manager Terence J. LaDu
Anthony J. Uzzolino Long Shoremen Terence LaDu
Jennifer Kaba Sales** Terence LaDu
Alicia Bera Violations Administrator Tyler Rotunno