The Elks National Foundation
"Our Legacy to the Future"

The Elks have been dedicated to helping others since the Order was founded. The idea of an Elks Charitable Trust was first introduced by John F. Malley during a banquet at Meriden, Connecticut, Lodge on February 21, 1927. His plan called for the creation and maintenance of a permanent charitable and philanthropic fund, fueled completely by voluntary donations. There would be no taxes or levies, direct or indirect.

Malley's dream became reality the following year when he was serving as Grand Exalted Ruler. At the 1928 annual convention, the Grand Lodge started the Elks National Foundation with an initial $100,000 grant. A second $100,000 grant soon followed. Since then, the Foundation has received more than $130 million in contributions and bequests from individuals, Lodges, state associations and other supporters of its charitable, educational and philanthropic activities.

The guidelines by which the Foundation was established state that the principal can never be touched. Donations go directly into the Foundation's Principal Fund and only the income earned on this fund is used to support charitable programs. All contributions to the Foundation are deductible for federal income and estate tax purposes.

Foundation policy states that donations to the endowment fund can never be touched. Only the income earned by this fund can be used to support charitable programs. Capital gains and appreciation are considered principal, not income, and therefore cannot be spent.

In 2002-2003, the Foundation received $5,227,000.00 in contributions and bequests. In turn, it appropriated $13,937.00 for the 2003-2004 fiscal year. The Elks Foundation supports various college scholarship programs and provides grants to B.P.O.E. programs such as the Elks Drug Awareness Program, the Elks National "Hoop Shoot" Free Throw Program, the Elks Soccer Shoot, the Elks National Veterans Service Commission and the Elks National Home. The Foundation also strives to give back to each state more money for its charitable programs than that state donated to the Foundation.

A board of seven trustees, who are all past national presidents of the Order, administers the Elks National Foundation. The board's powers and duties include the custody, investment and preservation of the funds of the Foundation; the duty to secure and receive accretions thereto; and the authority to apply the income therefrom as it may become available to such charitable, educational and benevolent purposes as they may determine.

Upon the death of PGER Malley in 1966, the Foundation trustees moved the Foundation to the national headquarters in the Elks Veterans Memorial in Chicago. They also appointed a director to oversee the administration of the Foundation's day-to-day operations. The current director is Jim O'Kelley. He has a staff of 12.

The Elks National Foundation's endowment fund currently has a value of more than $337 million. Since inception, Elks, their families and friends have contributed more than $135 million to the principal fund. In turn, the Foundation has distributed more than $185 million. Through continuous support, the Elks National Foundation hopes to expand its services to others through college scholarships, veteran's service, drug educational and youth athletic programs, and charitable grants to state Elks associations.

How is the Elks National Foundation Helping New Jersey?

When you give to the Elks National Foundation, you're doing more than funding the Elks National Drug Awareness and "Hoop Shoot" programs. You're doing more than supporting the Elks National Veterans Service Commission and the Elks National Home. You're doing more than providing Emergency Educational Grants to the children of deceased or totally disabled Elks. You're doing more than maintaining the Elks Veterans Memorial.

You're doing all that, and you're supporting Elkdom in New Jersey.

During the 2002-2003 Lodge year, the Elks of New Jersey donated $326, 019.99 to the Elks National Foundation. This year, the Foundation will give back the following:

· A State Charities Grant of $170,3300.00, and a bonus grant of $94,160.00. The bulk of this grant will go toward your state's major charitable project. But portions will be used to fund your state Drug Awareness and "Hoop Shoot" programs.

· Special Projects Grant of $86,800.00. We've authorized your state to use this grant to enhance its educational programs, as well as other charitable and philanthropic programs.

· A total of at least $84,000.00 in "Most Valuable Student" scholarships to 21 high school seniors from your New Jersey. In addition, we will award 21 Legacy scholarships-a total of $21,000.00-to children or step - children of Elks who have been members for at least two years.

That's a total grant of at least $456,290.00, which represents a ratio of 1.400 for every dollar the Foundation received from your state last year.

And if you'd like to know what the Elks National Foundation has done for New Jersey in the past, since inception in 1928 through March 31, 2003, the Foundation has granted a total of $6,832,351.05 to New Jersey, compared with your state's total donations of $6,256,633.31. That's a ratio of 1.092 for every dollar the Foundation has received from your state. The Foundation's past support includes:

· $3,150,496.00 in State Charities Grants
· $694,400.00 in Special Projects Grants
· $1,419,105.0 in "Most Valuable Student" Scholarships
· $623,952.73 in Emergency Educational Grants to the children of deceased or totally disabled Elks

New Jersey donated a total of $ 413,086.52 for the 2003-2004 year giving us a per-capita of $9.97 which placed us 3rd in the nation.


Congratulations NJClass Of 2005
ENF Legacy Scholarship Award Winners

Adam Bania

Clifton Lodge No. 1569

Kellen Bradley

Lyndhurst Lodge No. 1505

Julie Clauser

Bordentown Lodge No. 2085

Joseph Fasanello

Flemington Lodge No. 1928

Sarah Galvanek Cartaret Lodge No. 2235 $1,000.00
Jennifer Kaminski Springfield Lodge No. 2004 $1,000.00
Mallory McPherson Lyndhurst Lodge No. 1505 $1,000.00
Marc Mortellaro Paramus Lodge No. 2001 $1,000.00
Catherine Murray New Brunswick Lodge No. 324 $1,000.00
Daniel Ratty Tenafly Lodge No. 2271 $1,000.00
Kelli Tedesco-Lane Summit Lodge No. 1246 $1,000.00

The Elks National Foundation is proud to present its 2005 class of ENF Legacy Award recipients. These 11 students, all children or grandchildren of NJ Elks, will receive one-year, $1,000 scholarships.

The 2006 contest will kick off September 1, 2005. Applications will be available online at, at the local Lodge, or by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the Elks National Foundation, 2750 N. Lakeview Ave., Chicago, IL 60614. The contest deadline will be January 13, 2006.