2008 Fluke Tournament

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Thanks to all for participating in

- Point Pleasant Elks BPOE #1698 Fluke Tournament -
14th Annual Van Duyn Classic Combo 
Saturday, July 26, 2008

$10,000.00 IN PRIZES were awarded
(Based on a minimum of  250 Power Boat Entrees!!!!!!!!)

Place Name Weight
1st Tom Czekay 11.0 lb.
2nd Kevin Fahey 10.5 lb.
3rd Bob Spinelle 10.0 lb.
4th John Chivarini 9.9 lb.
5th Don Hasse 9.5 lb.
6th Tom Wortmann 9.1 lb.
7th William Zebrowski 8.4 lb.
Elks Prize Tom Czekay 11.0 lb.
Youth Prize Austin O'Malley (8 yrs. old) 4.5 lb.

Contributor to the Save The Summer Flounder Fishery Fund