2016 Point Pleasant Elks Fluke Tournament

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Point Pleasant Elks

22nd Fluke Tournament

Saturday, July 23rd, 2016

Thanks to All Fisherman for Your Support.
See You Next Year.

Tournament Results
Place Boat Name Angler Weight
1st Siennx Lee Neil Pisane 10.6
2nd Parker Pete Ed McCormick 9.4
3rd Kielbassea Larry Valdez 9.1
4th NJ5675HF Bob Wolowitz 8.8
5th Ono Mahi Ahi Bill Lammiers 8.2
6th Knee Deep Nick Naperski 7.9
7th Barb Gail Brandon Cannoli 7.8

Elk Winner
NJ5675HF Bob Wolowitz 8.8
North Arlington Lodge

Youth Winner
Barb Wire Andrew Kline 5.0

Kayak Tournament Results
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